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I am originally from Texas, but it was through extensive international travel that I developed an interest in ceramics.  My interest began while living in Valencia, Spain for three years during the early 90s, and continued while I traveled in both Europe and South America.  It wasn't until I had the opportunity to stay at home with my two children in 2006, that I began my studies of ceramics at the Art House in McKinney, TX under the direction of Sona Knox.  From the very first time I sat at the pottery wheel, I felt like I had found my calling.  Making pots was very therapeutic, and I was excited about each and every piece.

In 2007, we moved our family to Charleston, SC where I continued my studies at Cone 10 Studios.  While under Betsey Carter's instruction, I learned to work with porcelain, and refined my throwing style.  In addition to porcelain, I also learned to work with glazes fired in a gas reduction kiln at an approximate temperature of 2345 degrees, referred to as cone 10.  This high temperature firing process combined with a reduction atmosphere creates movement and variation in the glazes, giving depth to each piece.

In June 2010, our family relocated to Nashville, TN.  I set up my studio at Mid-South Ceramics.  Having a dedicated studio space, allowed me to pursue my business with more dedication.   During this time, I enjoyed working in my studio each day and being surrounded by other potters allowed me to continue to grow as a potter.  It was truly a joy to be a part of this group of beautiful people during our time in Nashville.

Finally, after all our moves, my husband's career has brought us full circle back to Texas.  In August of 2012 we purchased a home in Grapevine, TX where I have a wonderful studio attached to our home.  This space is truly a gift.  I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a potter as I have easier access to my work space.  It has been wonderful to be back in Texas and I have been surprised to once again find a wonderful group of potters in Texas.


It seems everywhere we move, I am blessed with wonderful potters with whom I can share inspiration. While my work has changed significantly over the years,  just as in my early days of making pottery, I still experience the same joy and excitement about each and every piece.


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