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Artist Statment

Everyone wants their work to matter.  Artists are no exception to this rule.  A potter is a special kind of artist, as they have the opportunity to interact with their audience in daily life through their work.  This is a true privilege that doesn’t come without deep thought and consideration of each piece and what you are introducing to the world, for both critique and admiration.  As a potter I am constantly looking to grow in my expression.  Each year I want the work I am sending into the world to be an accurate reflection of my dedication to the craft of making beautiful work that enriches people’s daily lives.


Porcelain is a joy to work with from the simplest of forms to the more complex.  The purity in the clay offers the opportunity to reflect the true nature of each glaze applied to the surface.  Copper Reds have the opportunity to really steal the show, and celadon glazes are invited to pool in the grooves created by both intricate and simple carvings.  Even the difficulties that porcelain presents while exploring the limits of this material can be overcome through time and patience.


In many ways, my work is a reflection of creation all around us.  It reflects the beauty of nature we all see as we navigate our busy lives.  This reflection of nature surfaces in both the forms I create as well as the carvings on the surface of each piece.  The vines I carve are a representation of nature being intertwined in and enriching our lives just as my work is found in people’s kitchens intertwining in their daily lives.  These pieces are invited into people’s homes to participate in the most intimate of settings whether it is a solitary cup of coffee or a dinner party with close friends.

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