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Handmade pottery can give that little extra special touch to your wedding day.  There is something very beautiful about a handmade peice that engages the viewer.  You can either have the peice bring an earthiness to the event, or with the right peice create an elegant atmosphere.  In either situation it says that you care about the details.

Register for Handmade Dinnerware

Most couples register for both every day dinnerware and fine china.  It is customary to register for both because china will not hold up to every day use and for those special occassions you want to have something beautiful to eat off of.


Handmade porcelain dinnerware holds up to everyday use and yet beautiful enough to serve a holiday meal.  This means you only need room in your cupbord for one set of dishes, and you can enjoy beautiful dishes in your everyday life.


This dinnerware can be used in the microwave and dishewasher.  Also,  since it is porcelain is extremely strong.

Wedding Décor

Handmade pottery is just the thing to give your day that little something extra.  There are several areas that handmade porcelain pottery can give your event a boost.


  • Think how much more beautiful your flowers will look inside a handmade vase. 

  • You can put candles on the table inside a porcelain votive or tealight holders. 

  • How romantic to experience your first communion as husband and wife with a handmade communion set.

  • Even the cake stand for your bridal or grooms cake could be handmade.


Bridal Gifts

This is for the couple that is looking for something a little unique as a way to say thank you to all those who have helped make their day possible.  The list can be extensive or limited to those most involved in your day.  Each couple is different.


I have a variety of ideas as a nice way to say thank you.  Ranging from porcelain coffee mugs to a decorative bottle neck vase as shown in the image above.  It really depends on the person, but everyone appreciates that extra thought it takes to do something unique.

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